Love Island, The Black Little Mermaid & Black Girl Magic on the Tennis Court

Halle Bailey cast to play Ariel Disney’s Live-Action Little Mermaid

hallebailey asoulfulstorm

Congratulations are in order to Halle Bailey from the duo Chloe x Halle, who has been cast to play Ariel in the Disney live-action adaption of the Little Mermaid. I personally believe that Halle is more than capable of pulling off the role. The 19-year-old already has a lot under her belt. She is Grammy nominee, signed to Beyoncé’s label: Parkwood Entertainment, was the opening act for US leg of On The Run II tour and stars in the hit TV show Grown-ish.

halle littlemermaid

This is not the first time that a black woman has been cast to play Disney princess in a live action adaption. Brandy was the first, with her outstanding performance as Cinderella in 1997 and Bailey is the second more than 20 years later.

brandy cinderalla

The bar has been set high with Halle Bailey joining a cast that includes Jacob Tremblay and Awkwafina, while Melissa McCarthy is in talks to play Ursula. On a side note, who at Disney do I need to petition to get Park Jimin from BTS to play Prince Eric?

park jimin prince eric

Love Island



Fire and brimstone has rained down upon the villa. This week has been a complete whirlwind on Love Island and I am still in recovery. Needless to say, the men on the island are moving mad! Curtis tried to recouple with new girl Jourdan. Only to get his face cracked because she decided to couple up with Danny (more power to her because the British public has not forgotten what he did to Yewande). We watched in horror as Amy, who had been geared up to profess her love for Curtis, was told that their relationship was lacking, and he still wanted to pursue Jourdan.

As for the Michael & Amber situation, someone please nominate Michael for an Oscar because he has clearly been playing a role this whole time. The person who he has presented himself to be up until Casa Amour is completely different from the person we are seeing now. I am not saying that Amber has been perfect. I personally believe that she needs to learn some emotional intelligence. However, Michael’s conduct towards her has been abhorrent.

We all know that the premise of Love Island is find love (hopefully) and win money. Michael simply could have done what Anna did with Jordan. Which was take Amber to the side and admitted that he had a better connection with Joanna. Instead, he has been gaslighting the situation and has been dragging Amber’s name through the mud for days. Yet he wonders why the original girls of the island aren’t willing to hold hands and sing Kumbaya with him.

This behavior is toxic, and I sincerely hope that the Love Island producers have a therapist on standby for Amy & Amber. And I need that therapist to remind the ladies of the wise words of Rihanna.

rihanna tweet

Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff beats Venus Williams

coco and venus

At age 15, I was praying to get good grades in my GCSEs . At age 15, Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff has set a record by becoming the youngest player to qualify for the main draw of Wimbledon in the professional era. The rising star also beat her idol, Venus Williams and had a straight-set victory, 6-3 6-3 over Magdalena Rybarikova. What a way to come out of the gates swinging.

The gatekeepers of tennis really had no idea what they did when they allowed Venus & Serena Williams to break through the doors. They have inspired not only Coco Guaff but Sloane Stephens, Naomi Osaka and I’m sure more are coming. Watch the space, I can’t wait to see Coco Gauff become a huge name in tennis.

Are you looking forward to the live-action Little Mermaid?

What do you think of this week’s antics in Love Island?

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The Adventures of a BTS Fan: The Wembley Stadium Edition


The Anticipation

My body was in a state of anxiety and I could not sleep. I had gone to bed at 3 a.m, woken up at 5 a.m. Why was my body in a state of emotional turmoil, because this was the day I was going to see BTS at Wembley Stadium. You could say that I had been waiting for this day February when I had to pay my youngest to get online and buy my BTS ticket because I was at work? The reality is that I had actually been waiting for a little over a year, ever since I discovered BTS.

I arrived at Wembley just before 1pm and was immediately confronted with several giant banners of BTS, the 7 men who would make me question everything I’d ever thought. The banners started at the tunnel leading out of Wembley Park underground station and ended at the stadium itself. As I took a picture of Jimin’s banner, I muttered to myself

“Girl you are not ready for this.”

Bangtan UK PreParty

The interesting thing about being a BTS fan ( also known as Army) is that, despite selling out the first date for London in 90 minutes, despite having three Billboard number one albums in less than a year (something that has not been done since the Beatles), many people still don’t know who BTS are. Many people try and berate fans for listening to a group who do not sing/rap in English. Therefore, I really appreciate Bangtan UK for organising the BTS preparty at Wembley BoxPark. It was a place where the Army was able to fellowship together, to eat together and dance to music by Korean artists. Shout out to the fans there who knew each and every piece of choreography that BTS, BlackPink, EXO, and Big Bang have ever done. They were fun to watch.


After making new friends, buying a lightstick (also known as an Army Bomb) and ensuring I had been to the toilet several times, I made my way to my seat. There is something truly special about Army, while we were waiting for the guys to come on stage, their music videos (MVs) were playing on the big screen. Why we were singing at the top of our lungs as if the concert had already started, I don’t know.

The Concert Begins

It was a peaceful time until a video of BTS wearing Greek robes and suits came onto the screen. I knew this meant one of two things. One, “Dionysis” would surely be the opening song. Two, I was in danger. These men were surely about to rip my soul from my body. I was having palpitations just from this opening video because in case you didn’t know, BTS are visual KINGS! Out of nowhere, two enormous silver Siberian Tigers (the official animal of South Korea) appear on the stage and “Dionysis” begins. When RM asked if we were ready to get hyped up, I screamed out


The Individual Members

My advice to anyone going to a BTS concert is don’t go in there thinking that you have favourite member. Abandon all ideas of a bias because the things those 7 men do on stage will have you rethinking your entire existence:

Jungkook: This boy lifted up his shirt twice times during “Fake Love” and as far as I’m concerned, he was the tamest of all the members.

Taehyung: This man is the enemy of my progress. He decided he was going to murder 60,000 people with his baritone. I was prepared for him to do the intro to “Singularity” (which is already the sexiest song on the setlist) with the coat stand. I was not prepared for him to do the intro on a bed! You are a dangerous man Kim Taehyung and you know it! Not to mention we got the return of headband Taehyung during Mic Drop. An ode to the DNA era which was Tae in Super Saiyan form.

Jimin: The duality of this man. He will make you think that he is cute and harmless, but it is a lie! He gave us the body rolls of life during “Fire” but where I lost my mind was during his solo performance of “Serendipity”. He lifted his shirt and I froze. I stopped waving my Army bomb. I just stood there with my mouth wide open until drool started dripping down my chin.

RM: As the leader of BTS I blame him for all of this and yet I would marry him if the opportunity arose. Who gave him permission to go that hard during “Silver Spoon” (Baepsae)? He attacked us. Yes, I appreciated it but who told him it was okay?

J-hope: The King of stage presence. Whoever selected that Dior Harness for him during “Outro: Tear” should be knighted! He looked like a Supreme King. You mere mortals could never with the dance captain.

Suga: I would pay my taxes to him. He is an amazing rapper and he was showing off all his lyrical skills. However, where he made me salivate was during the video montage of himself and Jin. How did I feel attacked by video footage of him simply WALKING?

Jin: There is a reason he is called Worldwide Handsome (or as the Brits now say, Worldwide PengTing). He stared at us at the of Epiphany. He simply looked at us and I was ready to dedicate my womb him.

High Voltage Energy

I could write a dissertation about why BTS are some of the most visually pleasing men I’ve ever seen in my life but that would do a disservice to this concert. BTS work so hard at their craft and they put on an incredible show. The rap line came out spitting bars, the vocal line was on job and even their background dancers did not come to play any games. This was demonstrated in their solo songs, the sub-unit stages and the songs where the 7 of them came together.The commitment they gave during performances such as “So What,” “Idol” and “Fake Love” was so infectious that we are an audience were determined to match their energy. You would have thought I was trying to audition to be a member of BTS with the way I was committed to the choreography of Mic Drop.

Not to mention, the boys are so entertaining, and their comradery is lovely to witness. They were having fun doing English accents, they acted out spells from Harry Potter using a BTS lightstick in place of a wand and watching them play on the bouncy castle during Anpanman was adorable. We engaged in doing multiple Mexican waves with our lightsticks and Jin lead the crowd in doing the classic Freddie Mercury “Ay Oh” chant.

However, the most moving part of the night was when the most moving part of the night was during the encore. Before their performance of “Mikrokosmos”, the crowd made up of 60,000 surprised the band with a singalong to the chorus of “Young Forever”. It is a very emotional song. The group was so shocked that half of the members (Jungkook, Jimin & J-Hope) cried and so did a good number of us in the crowd.


It was an emotional end to a perfect night.

The Adventures of a BTS Fan: The BT21 Edition



The 28th of May was finally here. After months of begging and pleading on Instagram, the BT21 Pop Up Shop in London had arrived and if you thought I was not to going to get my merchandise, you were sadly mistaken. I would have saddled a horse into London if necessary. Now you are probably wondering why I was so hellbent on getting BT21 merchandise. I’ll break it down into three simple points. One, I am an unapologetic BTS stan. Two, the BT21 merch is adorable and it is not being sold at the upcoming concert this weekend. Three, there is no BT21 shop in the UK so its either fly to the LA or Seoul store. Now that you are familiar with the reasons for my quest, I am going to share six things that I learned from today’s adventure.

  1. Be patient and check Twitter

I arrived in Camden Market at 10:45am and I was confronted with a queue that could rival the wait time of a car accident on the M25 in rush hour. It’s okay though because scrolling through Twitter on the way to the venue had prepared me for the wait ahead of me. Originally, I had mentally prepped myself to be in line an hour, but Lucy Ford’s tweets told me that one singular hour was wishful thinking on my part. Come on, this is BTS.

Which leads me onto my next point…

2. Come prepared
Come in flat shoes. Bring a power bank to charge your phone. Go to the toilet before getting in line. Stay dehydrated. Bring an umbrella because this is England. The British weather is as reliable as Lauryn Hill turning up to a concert on time.

  1. Like it or not, you may end up being a BTS ambassador

Now I’m in this line, waiting for 2 hours to get into this one shop and there countless people staring at us. Who can blame them, there were lines of people being ushered by crowd control security. I had to explain to one passerby why we were there, who BTS was and what BT21 was. I also had to explain to BT21 store staff, BTS’s brand of music and how BT21 came into existence. Thankfully rewatching the creation of BT21 an unhealthy amount of times on Youtube had prepared me for this mission.

  1. Fan Chants

There is a time and a place for everything. I wholeheartedly stand by those wise words by King Solomon. I learned something new about myself and that is I actually cannot stand fan chants. Unless we are at a concert or BTS is performing on a specific stage such as the BBMAs or Graham Norton, I don’t want to hear it. You can imagine how irritated my soul when I could hear fans chanting the boys’ names inside the shop itself. For what?

  1. The Black Girl Alliance

The Black Girl Alliance is real and it can take place anywhere. The most common way the alliance can be formed is over hair. This happened to me when I complimented my fellow sister black & green hair. The colours blended beautifully and I had to tell her. We ended up in a conversation about hair and our distress in trying to get tickets for the BTS concert. Despite Ticketmaster being the enemy of progress, we both are going to see BTS this weekend. Also, shout out to the sister who worked in the shop, who let me try on the hoodies to see if they fit me properly. She also didn’t have a clue who BTS was but got converted in one morning, off the strength of working in the BT21 shop.

  1. There is Fellowship in the fandom

Army is an interesting and fun fandom to be a part of. I want to shout out to the girls who had the good sense to bring their Bluetooth speaker. They blasted Cypher Part 4 twice and Go Go, which had us dancing and singing along while we waited. They certainly made my time more enjoyable when I had to turn off my phone to conserve battery.

Also, the girl saw that the camera quality on my phone was inadequate, so she took pictures for me and sent them to my phone. Army fellowship is a unique experience that was not limited to age, race or gender. We were united in our appreciation of seven Korean guys who are going to shake the stands of Wembley stadium come the 1st & 2nd June 2019.





I hope you enjoyed my BT21 story

The Weather Report: Monkey Tweets, The MET Gala & Fenty Beauty


Danny Baker fired from BBC over royal baby monkey tweet

Do you remember the time when Kate Middleton gave birth to three children and people started posting memes about monkeys in suits? Oh, wait, that never happened. Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, son of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex has not even been out the womb a week and the racists could not hold back. Danny Baker who worked for BBC 5Live (I say worked in past tense because he was sacked this morning by the BBC), tweeted a picture of the royal baby leaving the hospital as a chimp in a suit.


Referring to a black person as a monkey is one of the laziest and unimaginative forms of racism. A blind man with half a brain can see that kind of racism from a mile away. For Danny Baker to state that the tweet was nothing more than “stupid unthinking gag pic” is an insult to everyone’s intelligence. This really speaks to the way a lot of people in British media feel about Meghan Markle and her child, who are of mixed heritage. Despite Archie Harrison being three-quarters white, due to the one drop rule, the media will treat him as the “black royal baby.” There will undoubtedly be more of this level of ignorance throughout Archie Harrison’s life and it is sad. However, I am very happy that Danny Baker got sacked. Since he has plenty of time on his hands now, he can visit the London zoo and learn the difference between monkeys and humans.

The MET Gala

Since my very first post was about the MET Gala, it is only fitting that I write about it again. This year’s theme was Camp (which Lena Waithe rightly reminded us was started by Black Drag Queens) and did the celebrities show up and show out. We were denied the presence of the reigning MET Gala Queen, Rihanna but everyone else brought their A-Game.



asoulfulstormcardibmetgala Cardi Basoulfulstormgemmachanmet

Gemma ChanThe 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion - ArrivalsLupita Nyong’o


Prikanya Chopra & Nick Jonas asoulfulstormjanellemonaeJanelle Monae


Can we also shout out the male celebrities who seemed more committed to the Camp theme than in previous years theme’s, where they bore us half to death by only wearing black Armani suits. I really believe that I should at least be security for the MET Gala because if you do not keep to the theme and want to show up in a regular dress, you should be sent home. I am a firm believer in following colour schemes & themes at parties.


Darren Criss, Harry Styles, Billy Porter, Jared Leto & Ezra Miller

Fenty Beauty is coming to Boots


Speaking of Rihanna, she continues to give traditional make-up brands a run for their money. Boots UK announced that it will be launching Rihanna’s global beauty brand, Fenty Beauty in selected stores and online as part of its plans to transform the face of high street beauty. This takes place from the 10th May and I could not be any more thrilled because Harvey Nichol is far from where I live.

* Fenty Beauty will be available from the following Boots stores:


Bath Southgate, Blanchardstown, Bluewater, Brent Cross, Bromley, Cambridge, Canary Wharf, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Derby, Dudley Merry Hill, Exeter, Glasgow Braehead, Glasgow Fort, Kingston, Hull-end May, Leeds, Leicester (Fosse Park), Lincoln, Liverpool Clayton Street, London Sedley Place, London St Pancras, London White City, Manchester Trafford Centre, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Piccadilly Circus, Plymouth, Reading and West Thurrock.

Baby Sussex Is Here


I will always appreciate the stance that the Duke & Duchess of Sussex have taken in ensuring that they control their own narrative and do things their own way as much as possible. This was further cemented today when Prince Harry personally gave the announcement that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, had given birth to a baby boy.

As I also predicated on my previous post, we also found out about Baby Sussex via an Instagram post. This is a huge poke in the eye to the British media, who are used to receiving the news of royal births first hand from outside of Buckingham Palace. What a way to keep up with the millennials.


The name of the baby is unknown, and we are yet to see pictures of the child who is seventh in line to the throne. Like I said, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle have thrown tradition to the side when it comes to how their child will be introduced to the world. We will see pictures of the baby in two days’ time when they are ready to come forward as a family. In the meantime, we hope that both mother and baby are healthy and happy.

The Weather Report: BTS on SNL & the Return of Game of Thrones

Since this blog is a called A Soulful Storm, I’m going to be naming my posts where I do mini updates of the week The Weather Report. I may change my mind. We’ll see how it goes.

The Return of Game of Thronesgame-of-thrones-character-poster

In case you have been living under a rock you will know that after a two-year wait, Game of Thrones has returned to our screens.  Season 8 is the last season and the masses are excited. I will not give any spoilers but boy oh boy, did episode one kick off with a bang. This episode was filled with nostalgia and jaw-dropping moments that had me yelling at my laptop no less than 5 times. I truly believe the Night King is going to sit on the Iron Throne.  Winter is definitely here, and we are in for an emotionally turbulent time.



No Pictures Please


Our Melanated Mona and her husband The Duke of Sussex have decided to break a 4-decade long tradition. The Duchess of Sussex has chosen not to have the 7th in line to the throne at Lindo Wing. The Lindo Wing appears to be the favourite maternity ward for the Royal Family since Princess Diana gave birth to both Prince William & Prince Harry there. Kate Middleton gave birth to all three of her children there too. Some of these media outlets are really acting like Meghan has broken royal protocol with her refusal as if the Queen herself didn’t give birth at home.

Buckingham Palace announced on 11th April 2019, that Harry and Meghan are keeping plans around the baby private. Which I am more than happy about for several reasons. One, it has always made me uncomfortable how mere hours after giving birth, women in the Royal Family must dress up and present their hours old baby to a sea of paparazzi. What is if they had to have an emergency C-section? What if their labour was over 24 hours and they can barely stand? It has always seemed so unnatural to me.

Two, the media in the country has been so foul and antagonistic to Meghan all the way through her pregnancy. They don’t deserve to see her baby. So they can do what? Pick apart her child from the name to all the way the ancestors have shown up in the hair texture and skin tone of the baby. No thank you. We will see that child when Harry & Meghan are ready for us to see him/her. In fact, they should reveal the baby on their Instagram just to spite the press.

BTS performed on SNL

The new era is upon us!!! BTS released their new album, Map of the Soul Persona on 12th April 2019. The new album contains collaborations with Halsey and Ed Sheeran and I have streamed it no less than 11 times and counting.

Their first comeback stage was none other than Saturday Night Live (SNL). For some of you who may not know, SNL is considered one of the best sketch comedy show in the USA. It is the most successful, long-lasting show of its kind in 2019. It is an honour for musical guests to perform on that stage. The stage has been graced by artists such as Beyoncé, Justine Timberlake, Solange and Childish Gambino and that’s just to name a few. BTS continues to be trailer blazers as they are first Koreans to be asked to perform in the show’s history. They performed their new song with Halsey, Boy With Luv and Mic Drop Remix which you can watch below.

As you can tell I am loving the way this new era is taking off. I can’t wait BTS will do between now and their concert at Wembley Stadium in June.



I hope you enjoyed the Weather Report

Five Requests of African Parents


Being the child of African Parents can be a confusing, trying and funny experience. Some of the requests of African parents really blows my mind. A lot of the times our parents make some of the craziest, unreasonable requests that if anyone in the world asked, it would be greeted with a “no, are you serious or do it yourself.” However, when it comes to our parents, we take it because we come from a culture of respect and no talking back. Here are five examples of African Parents Requests that I believe we can all relate to.

  1. Asking Me to Turn Off the Light

This happened to me yesterday. My mum phoned me and asked me if I could turn off the light in her room. The problem is that she was in the very room where she wanted the light off. I, on the other hand, had just pulled up to the house in the car. Meaning that she wanted to me to come out of the car, come into the house and turn off the light when she could simply walk across the room. I refused (with respect).

2. Make Them Tea
I know someone whose parents asked them to leave the solitude of their room in order to make them a cup of tea. Now, this is nothing out the ordinary when you have African parents. However, her brother was downstairs and could have done this task. I really do not know why some Africans believe that boys/men will break out into the most life-threatening rash if they enter a kitchen. All I can say ‘do better.’ In England, everyone should know how to make a decent cup of tea.

3. The Changing of the Channelasoulfulstormpasstheremote

This one right here is a classic. How many of us remember being in our rooms, doing our homework, trying to wrap your head around Pythagoras’s theorem. Only for us to be called by our mothers’, asking for us to change the channel. Again, you leave the solitude of your room to go downstairs and find the remote control on the opposite end of the couch, facing your mum.

Then it dawns upon you that she really called you from the other end of the house to get a device that was less than a metre away from her!!! The Africandacity! Yes, I made that word up.

4. Picking the Instrument That They Will Beat You With

“Go get your dad’s belt.”

“Go fetch the wooden spoon.”

“Go pick a stick from outside and if it breaks, I will make you go out there and get another one.”

This is plain old mean. Why do I have to pick the weapon that is going to be the cause of my demise?! If you remember crying on the way to picking out your device of torture, it’s okay. We share a struggle.

  1. Stop Crying or I Will Give You Something to Cry About


Can someone please make this statement make sense? I thought the whole point of me receiving a spanking was deter me from repeating the same wrongdoings by me feeling pain. Am I not in pain? Why would I not cry? Being whooped with a belt hurts a lot! Right now, I’m considering running away from home or asking God to give me different parents. Yet here you are telling me that if I cry, then you will give me something to cry about. What could possibly be worse than this?

Maybe I will not understand this line of thinking until I become a parent. Until then, you guys remain an enigma to me.

I have drawn the conclusion that Africans of a certain generation think a certain way and there is nothing we can do about it except laugh (or cry but it depends on your age). I wonder if the rest of us pass down the tradition of confusing requests to our children? Hey, if we survived then who is to say that our kids won’t?


Please share any strange or funny requests that your parents subjected to you growing up.