Meghan & Harry’s Long Walk To Freedom, BTS Performing at the Grammys & Love Island Is Boring This Year

Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex visit to Canada House, London, UK - 07 Jan 2020

In case you have been living under a rock, I’m sure that you know by now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to leave the Royal Family. At this point aliens on Jupiter have heard the news given the amount of noise the British media have made about it. The Duke & Duchess of Sussex have decided to give up being senior members of the Royal Family and will be splitting their time between North America and the UK. What made me chuckle was the fact that the other members of the Royal household found out about it the same way that the rest of us did, via their website. How very Beyoncé of them.

This begs the questions, why would they do such a thing? Well those of us who are Black British would say that the answer is incredibly obvious. There has been a smear campaign against Meghan Markle since she was rumoured to be dating Prince Harry and things because considerably worse when she became pregnant. All of this has been steeped in the language of ‘dog-whistle politics’ with articles criticising Meghan for guest editing Vogue, eating avocados and holding her pregnant belly.  Now I am not going to argue whether Meghan Markle has been experiencing racism from the British media because it the answer is clear. Buzzfeed news put together a wonderful article where they compared news articles of situations whether Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle would be the exact same thing but where Kate would receive praise, Meghan would receive scathing remarks.

Not to mention her son was compared to a  “chimp in a suit” by BBC 5 Live presenter. Prince Harry has also written two letters calling out the press’s racism, so the debate of whether their decision to leave was based upon racism is null & void.

What Meghan and Harry have done by publicly deciding to step away from the Royal Family is declare to the world that there façade of England being a racially safe haven is a lie and now several media publications have been falling on their swords to declare that they are not racist. There is just “something about Meghan they don’t like.” Would anyone like to take a wild guess as to what that ‘something’ is?

What is frustrating is how black scholars, broadcasters and lecturers, such as Afua Hirsch and Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu are being carted out onto programs such as This Morning and Channel 4 news to explain the racism that was so glaringly obvious. It is an insult to our intelligence. It is bad enough that in the UK Black and Brown people are subjected to racism and are to navigate our way through it in silence. Then when incidents like this happen, we have to explain what racism is and defend ourselves when people on the other side refuse to believe that anything outside of saying the N-word isn’t racism. It’s draining and if it is taking a toll on the average Black Briton then one can only imagine the mental turmoil that Meghan Markle has been under. Yet she is expected to take the abuse and bullying in silence.

Maybe we should not be surprised that a country where an overwhelming majority was given to Boris Johnson, a man who openly and unapologetically used racist and Islamophobic language, would harass the first biracial woman who married into the Royal Family. I should add that the excuse that Meghan is ‘arrogant, manipulative and an American’ is hardly a defense against the slander she is receiving. Aside from the fact that many of the people, like Eamonn Holmes, are making comments about the Duchess’s character have not had a conversation with her or even been invited to be in the same room as her. Why are people acting as though the fact that Meghan Markle is a United States citizen is a reason to berate her? So, racism is bad but casual xenophobia is fine? This country baffles me. The latest news is that Meghan and Harry will be stripped of their title of Duke & Duchess but if losing their Royal titles ensures the stability and mental health of their family then I am with them until the end.

BTS Are Performing At The Grammy


It has been confirmed that BTS will be gracing the Grammys with their presence for the second year in a row. Only this time, they will not be attending as presenters but as performers. RM did warn you that they would be back.

In a feature article written about Lil Nas X,  Variety confirmed that BTS would be joining him on stage alongside Diplo, Young Thug, Mason Ramsey, Billy Ray Cyrus, and the OG Nas. Do I for one think that BTS deserves their own stage, absolutely. However, I am grateful to Lil Nas X to opening his platform to share with the sensational seven. Old Town Road beat Mariah Carey’s record for the longest standing single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart so he is under no obligation to share his stage with anyone.


Fans are certainly excited to see what the outcome of this performance will be.  Ariane Grande posted a picture of herself and BTS at the Grammy rehearsals.

None of this negates the scandal that has broken out about the Grammys with their voting irregularities stemming from the board, who don’t promote a transparent nomination process, and the Recording Academy president Deborah Dugan being put on administrative leave. It’s no secret that the Grammys have a history of racism and homophobia which likely plays a huge part in why BTS was not nominated this year. That being said, fans know it has been a dream of BTS to perform at the Grammys so if they like it, we love it.

Love Island


I don’t know what everyone else is thinking about this season of Winter Love Island but I am getting a little bored and I need them to inject some drama. All I have seen so major insecurity red flags on the part of Small Connor and Shaughna (although she is hilarious), pathological lies from Sophie and delusions of grandeur from Siannise. There is not a single couple that makes sense. I don’t know what Sophie & Small Connor are doing and Shaughna has practically strongarmed Callum into a relationship. At this point in the game, I am backing Nas to win. He has taken so many Ls but he sweet and is the least dramatic person on the show.

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Love Island, The Black Little Mermaid & Black Girl Magic on the Tennis Court

Halle Bailey cast to play Ariel Disney’s Live-Action Little Mermaid

hallebailey asoulfulstorm

Congratulations are in order to Halle Bailey from the duo Chloe x Halle, who has been cast to play Ariel in the Disney live-action adaption of the Little Mermaid. I personally believe that Halle is more than capable of pulling off the role. The 19-year-old already has a lot under her belt. She is Grammy nominee, signed to Beyoncé’s label: Parkwood Entertainment, was the opening act for US leg of On The Run II tour and stars in the hit TV show Grown-ish.

halle littlemermaid

This is not the first time that a black woman has been cast to play Disney princess in a live action adaption. Brandy was the first, with her outstanding performance as Cinderella in 1997 and Bailey is the second more than 20 years later.

brandy cinderalla

The bar has been set high with Halle Bailey joining a cast that includes Jacob Tremblay and Awkwafina, while Melissa McCarthy is in talks to play Ursula. On a side note, who at Disney do I need to petition to get Park Jimin from BTS to play Prince Eric?

park jimin prince eric

Love Island



Fire and brimstone has rained down upon the villa. This week has been a complete whirlwind on Love Island and I am still in recovery. Needless to say, the men on the island are moving mad! Curtis tried to recouple with new girl Jourdan. Only to get his face cracked because she decided to couple up with Danny (more power to her because the British public has not forgotten what he did to Yewande). We watched in horror as Amy, who had been geared up to profess her love for Curtis, was told that their relationship was lacking, and he still wanted to pursue Jourdan.

As for the Michael & Amber situation, someone please nominate Michael for an Oscar because he has clearly been playing a role this whole time. The person who he has presented himself to be up until Casa Amour is completely different from the person we are seeing now. I am not saying that Amber has been perfect. I personally believe that she needs to learn some emotional intelligence. However, Michael’s conduct towards her has been abhorrent.

We all know that the premise of Love Island is find love (hopefully) and win money. Michael simply could have done what Anna did with Jordan. Which was take Amber to the side and admitted that he had a better connection with Joanna. Instead, he has been gaslighting the situation and has been dragging Amber’s name through the mud for days. Yet he wonders why the original girls of the island aren’t willing to hold hands and sing Kumbaya with him.

This behavior is toxic, and I sincerely hope that the Love Island producers have a therapist on standby for Amy & Amber. And I need that therapist to remind the ladies of the wise words of Rihanna.

rihanna tweet

Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff beats Venus Williams

coco and venus

At age 15, I was praying to get good grades in my GCSEs . At age 15, Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff has set a record by becoming the youngest player to qualify for the main draw of Wimbledon in the professional era. The rising star also beat her idol, Venus Williams and had a straight-set victory, 6-3 6-3 over Magdalena Rybarikova. What a way to come out of the gates swinging.

The gatekeepers of tennis really had no idea what they did when they allowed Venus & Serena Williams to break through the doors. They have inspired not only Coco Guaff but Sloane Stephens, Naomi Osaka and I’m sure more are coming. Watch the space, I can’t wait to see Coco Gauff become a huge name in tennis.

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Love Island: Alex vs Samira


I watch TV for the same reasons that most people do; escapism. I like to be submerged into a world that I will never be a part of, for between 20 minutes to an hour. I don’t watch it to be reminded of the horrors of reality. If I wanted to do that then I would do like most African fathers and keep CNN on for 24 hours.

I had said in the previous post that I enjoyed Love Island and nothing was going to keep me from watching the remainder of the season. Well I think I’ve found a reason as to why this show and I might have to part ways. I cannot watch the humiliation of black women.

You see, watching Samira on Love Island is the perfect example of what dating is like for black women in mixed spaces and it’s uncomfortable to watch.

The housemates and the nation have taken a great deal of pity upon Alex. The boys on the show have done everything from giving him pep talks, kissing lessons and even engaging Eyal in ridiculous  conversations about stars in order to help Alex talk to Megan. I get it. When you’re on a show that is based on physical attraction and everyone is turning you down, it’s painful. It can easily knock down one’s confidence. I too felt bad for Alex. However, Samira is in the exact same position as him and I haven’t seen anyone giving a fraction  of the sympathetic energy to her, that was given to Alex.

None of the girls have tried to boost Samira’s confidence. In fact Samira has had to act like the “Mami” of the group and be the shoulder to cry on for both Rosie and Laura. Now there is a new guy in the villa and there is a tiny glimmer of hope for the poor girl, these so called “best friends” are hyping up Rosie to try and secure  the new guy. Rosie. The same girl who has been single for all of one minute and had no issue taking Adam away from Kendall. Over Samira who has been single since she got on the island.  I barely see any sympathy for Samira on the internet either but heaven forbid that she dare complain otherwise she will be labelled the angry, bitter black woman.

This show has been a reminder that we as black women can only depend on ourselves. I would have hoped that we could have relied upon the black men on show for allyship. Instead, Josh basically told his fellow sister in the struggle that she should take her lot and let Alex have his time. Thanks bro (insert eye roll).

The show is also a disappointing reminder that sometimes black men will happily abide by the beauty standards of the race totem pole ( White women, Latina women, Asain Women and Black women). Remember Wes told us that his type are blondes and brunettes. (Again, insert eye roll). Before anyone starts typing furiously to talk about “it’s okay to have your own preferences.” I know it is. I’m not silly. However, preferences are not part of ones genetic make-up. The things we are influenced by will shape our preferences. If you see that the majority of your favourites athletes and rappers are continually glorifying a particular race or shade of woman, that will play a part on who you will prefer to date. If you walk by any magazine stand and you see that 90% of the women on the front pages are white, you are indirectly being told that these women are standard of beauty. Media representation is so important. Why do you think that Ebony, Essence and BET exist?

I sincerely do not know if I can continue watching this show. At this point I’m watching Love Island with my head in my hands whenever Samira is on screen (assuming she gets any screen time at all). I want the best for her and I know that she hasn’t been perfect. I just hope for her sake that she realises that the Prince Harrys and Alexis Ohanians of this world are few and far between.





I can’t believe I like Love Island


Let me set the scene.

My sister and I were sitting around the kitchen table making small talk and sharing Instagram memes with each other. We generally have good communication and can talk about most things. However, that evening, we were talking but not really listening to each other. To be honest, I was barely paying attention to what she had to say and I know she felt the same way about me. Why do you ask? Because Love Island was going to start in 35minutes and we were just trying to find ways to pass the time.

How on earth did I get here? Truth be told, I don’t know. I usually avoid reality TV like it’s the plague.  I don’t watch The Real Housewives of anything, Love & Hip Hop is a joke and I gave up on Big Brother after season 3. I don’t have any tolerance for X Factor, the Voice and I’m only amused by the audition phase of Britain’s Got Talent. If I’m going to take time out of my day to watch TV, then I like to watch shows that  have a script written by professionals and the characters should be played by actors and actresses. Basically I watch anything produced by Shondaland.

For me to move so far away from my convictions about reality TV is bizarre. I might be going through a quarter life crisis. However, I’m not disgusted enough in myself to stop. Why? Because I am engrossed in this mind numbing show. I am completely baffled at how most of the participants  really think they are on this show to find love.  No my darlings, you are there to attempt to win £50,000, grow your social following and somehow make a career out of that.

I have to admit that ITV have done their thing when it comes to this show. Their cliff hangers have 2.9 million of Britain’s population dedicated to that 9pm slot on ITV2. I  find myself yelling at the TV because I am baffled at how these girls cry over guys that they’ve only known for 72 hours. Watching these people is like discovering a new species. I’m basically watching Blue Planet but the human version.

Let me emphasise this again. If you think I have any intentions of giving up this program anytime soon, you are WRONG! I need to see if Alex FINALLY gets a girl! It’s brutal watching him be disregarded by all the women in the villa. The man is a doctor for crying out loud! His IQ is probably higher than everyone else in that house combined!

I also need to see that snake in the garden, Eyal, receive all  bad karma floating around in that house. There was no need for him to kiss Megan in front of Alex, the rude, disrespectful, tree hugging… let me stop.

I will also add that Samira has me out here completely conflicted. I normally (like Issa Rae) root for the black girl to win everything.giphy[1]However, I’m not sure if Samira realises that she is running a different race (no pun intended) in this love shack. It’s disheartening to watch this woman pine for guys that have zero interest in her. None of the men have any desire to be with her. Not even the black guys! If Alex and Samira had any sense, they would make a union of convenience and just aim for the money. If she can’t do that then she should do like Niall and  just come home Queen. The community can’t keep watching her take these Ls.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Love Island may be trash TV and there is very little value in the content but I love it. Maybe I’ll come to my senses and boycott it next year.

P.S Alex may be a demon  but that plan he hatched to distract Eyal  was everything!