Meghan & Harry’s Long Walk To Freedom, BTS Performing at the Grammys & Love Island Is Boring This Year

Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex visit to Canada House, London, UK - 07 Jan 2020

In case you have been living under a rock, I’m sure that you know by now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to leave the Royal Family. At this point aliens on Jupiter have heard the news given the amount of noise the British media have made about it. The Duke & Duchess of Sussex have decided to give up being senior members of the Royal Family and will be splitting their time between North America and the UK. What made me chuckle was the fact that the other members of the Royal household found out about it the same way that the rest of us did, via their website. How very Beyoncé of them.

This begs the questions, why would they do such a thing? Well those of us who are Black British would say that the answer is incredibly obvious. There has been a smear campaign against Meghan Markle since she was rumoured to be dating Prince Harry and things because considerably worse when she became pregnant. All of this has been steeped in the language of ‘dog-whistle politics’ with articles criticising Meghan for guest editing Vogue, eating avocados and holding her pregnant belly.  Now I am not going to argue whether Meghan Markle has been experiencing racism from the British media because it the answer is clear. Buzzfeed news put together a wonderful article where they compared news articles of situations whether Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle would be the exact same thing but where Kate would receive praise, Meghan would receive scathing remarks.

Not to mention her son was compared to a  “chimp in a suit” by BBC 5 Live presenter. Prince Harry has also written two letters calling out the press’s racism, so the debate of whether their decision to leave was based upon racism is null & void.

What Meghan and Harry have done by publicly deciding to step away from the Royal Family is declare to the world that there façade of England being a racially safe haven is a lie and now several media publications have been falling on their swords to declare that they are not racist. There is just “something about Meghan they don’t like.” Would anyone like to take a wild guess as to what that ‘something’ is?

What is frustrating is how black scholars, broadcasters and lecturers, such as Afua Hirsch and Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu are being carted out onto programs such as This Morning and Channel 4 news to explain the racism that was so glaringly obvious. It is an insult to our intelligence. It is bad enough that in the UK Black and Brown people are subjected to racism and are to navigate our way through it in silence. Then when incidents like this happen, we have to explain what racism is and defend ourselves when people on the other side refuse to believe that anything outside of saying the N-word isn’t racism. It’s draining and if it is taking a toll on the average Black Briton then one can only imagine the mental turmoil that Meghan Markle has been under. Yet she is expected to take the abuse and bullying in silence.

Maybe we should not be surprised that a country where an overwhelming majority was given to Boris Johnson, a man who openly and unapologetically used racist and Islamophobic language, would harass the first biracial woman who married into the Royal Family. I should add that the excuse that Meghan is ‘arrogant, manipulative and an American’ is hardly a defense against the slander she is receiving. Aside from the fact that many of the people, like Eamonn Holmes, are making comments about the Duchess’s character have not had a conversation with her or even been invited to be in the same room as her. Why are people acting as though the fact that Meghan Markle is a United States citizen is a reason to berate her? So, racism is bad but casual xenophobia is fine? This country baffles me. The latest news is that Meghan and Harry will be stripped of their title of Duke & Duchess but if losing their Royal titles ensures the stability and mental health of their family then I am with them until the end.

BTS Are Performing At The Grammy


It has been confirmed that BTS will be gracing the Grammys with their presence for the second year in a row. Only this time, they will not be attending as presenters but as performers. RM did warn you that they would be back.

In a feature article written about Lil Nas X,  Variety confirmed that BTS would be joining him on stage alongside Diplo, Young Thug, Mason Ramsey, Billy Ray Cyrus, and the OG Nas. Do I for one think that BTS deserves their own stage, absolutely. However, I am grateful to Lil Nas X to opening his platform to share with the sensational seven. Old Town Road beat Mariah Carey’s record for the longest standing single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart so he is under no obligation to share his stage with anyone.


Fans are certainly excited to see what the outcome of this performance will be.  Ariane Grande posted a picture of herself and BTS at the Grammy rehearsals.

None of this negates the scandal that has broken out about the Grammys with their voting irregularities stemming from the board, who don’t promote a transparent nomination process, and the Recording Academy president Deborah Dugan being put on administrative leave. It’s no secret that the Grammys have a history of racism and homophobia which likely plays a huge part in why BTS was not nominated this year. That being said, fans know it has been a dream of BTS to perform at the Grammys so if they like it, we love it.

Love Island


I don’t know what everyone else is thinking about this season of Winter Love Island but I am getting a little bored and I need them to inject some drama. All I have seen so major insecurity red flags on the part of Small Connor and Shaughna (although she is hilarious), pathological lies from Sophie and delusions of grandeur from Siannise. There is not a single couple that makes sense. I don’t know what Sophie & Small Connor are doing and Shaughna has practically strongarmed Callum into a relationship. At this point in the game, I am backing Nas to win. He has taken so many Ls but he sweet and is the least dramatic person on the show.

Please comment on your thoughts on the Meghan and Harry situation

Are you looking forward to seeing BTS perform at the Grammys?

Is this season of Love Island boring or do you think it will get better?

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J-Hope and Becky G Drop Their Surprise Collaboration ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’

J-Hope Becky G asoulfulstorm

They say that there is no rest for the wicked. Well, that saying also rings true for ARMY. BTS have returned from their break for all of 5 minutes and they’ve already decided to place their feet back on our necks.

After teasing fans with their secret earlier this week, BTS’ J-Hope and Becky G have dropped their surprise collaboration “Chicken Noodle Soup.” Out today (27th September), the new single pays homage and uses the hook of Webstar and Young B’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” (ft. Bianca Bonnie & The Voice of Harlem). The song has not even been out for 24 hours and it already has 9.9 million views on YouTube.

The rapper explained that the original 2006 hit song was an inspiration for him when he started dancing. In the verses, J-Hope raps about his personal story with dance and his dreams, while Becky G raps about loving her roots and always remembering where she came from. There is a lot to unpack about this song I’m going to quickly break down in three simple points:

  1. The Dancing

In this video, J-Hope absolutely reminded us (not that we have ever forgotten) why he is the Dance Captain of BTS. Everything was seamless, from him freestyling, to the intense but playful choreography. I really enjoyed seeing him dance alongside Becky G. I like it when BTS collaborate with female artists who can keep up with their dance routines.

I also appreciated that they kept the choreography from the original song, which was extremely nostalgic for me. I remember watching Chicken Noodle song on MTV Base at 15 so I was happy to relive those moments.


  1. The Hair

I truly hate to be a Debbie Downer but our favourite artists are not above criticism. I was side-eyeing J-Hope’s hair in the final scene. Whether you want to call them Dreads, Gel Twists or whatever, they were too close to the line of cultural appropriation. This is a hot topic with international fans and Kpop community and many other artists within the genre have been criticized for the same style.

The hairstyle was not enough to make me want to stand on a soapbox, scream or cancel J-Hope. However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t expect better from him. I have explained so many times on this blog alone why hair is so important to the Black community and trouble we face for wearing our cultural styles. BTS being the biggest group in the world should be avoiding silly mistakes like this because the repercussions would be great.

And I would like to ask Kpop fans to be consistent. If you were up in arms about Kai (from EXO) and Jackson Wang’s (from GOT7) hairstyles, keep the same energy for J-Hope. Correction is how people learn. Plus the scenes where his hair was blonde was absolutely gorgeous, stick to that.


  1. The Diversity

Back to a more positive note, I loved the diversity in the song and MV. This was a multilingual song with the lyrics being in English, Korean and Spanish. The dancers also reflected people from all corners of the earth. I appreciated that BigHit put out a statement about the MV, stating that they deliberately recruited 50 diverse dancers from across the globe. Each dancer was credited at the end of the song and it was very cute to see them vibing with artists during the last scene of the video. This song and video is intentionally multicultural and I love to see it.


Overall, I thought the song was good. The beat was fire, the dance was fun, and I will always clap for J-Hope’s fashion choices that I could never pull off, even on my best day. I really wish that Young B from the original had made a cameo, but she acknowledged the song on her Instagram, so I will be solace in that. Chicken Noodle Soup is available for streaming on Spotify so check it out.

The Adventures of a BTS Fan: The Wembley Stadium Edition


The Anticipation

My body was in a state of anxiety and I could not sleep. I had gone to bed at 3 a.m, woken up at 5 a.m. Why was my body in a state of emotional turmoil, because this was the day I was going to see BTS at Wembley Stadium. You could say that I had been waiting for this day February when I had to pay my youngest to get online and buy my BTS ticket because I was at work? The reality is that I had actually been waiting for a little over a year, ever since I discovered BTS.

I arrived at Wembley just before 1pm and was immediately confronted with several giant banners of BTS, the 7 men who would make me question everything I’d ever thought. The banners started at the tunnel leading out of Wembley Park underground station and ended at the stadium itself. As I took a picture of Jimin’s banner, I muttered to myself

“Girl you are not ready for this.”

Bangtan UK PreParty

The interesting thing about being a BTS fan ( also known as Army) is that, despite selling out the first date for London in 90 minutes, despite having three Billboard number one albums in less than a year (something that has not been done since the Beatles), many people still don’t know who BTS are. Many people try and berate fans for listening to a group who do not sing/rap in English. Therefore, I really appreciate Bangtan UK for organising the BTS preparty at Wembley BoxPark. It was a place where the Army was able to fellowship together, to eat together and dance to music by Korean artists. Shout out to the fans there who knew each and every piece of choreography that BTS, BlackPink, EXO, and Big Bang have ever done. They were fun to watch.


After making new friends, buying a lightstick (also known as an Army Bomb) and ensuring I had been to the toilet several times, I made my way to my seat. There is something truly special about Army, while we were waiting for the guys to come on stage, their music videos (MVs) were playing on the big screen. Why we were singing at the top of our lungs as if the concert had already started, I don’t know.

The Concert Begins

It was a peaceful time until a video of BTS wearing Greek robes and suits came onto the screen. I knew this meant one of two things. One, “Dionysis” would surely be the opening song. Two, I was in danger. These men were surely about to rip my soul from my body. I was having palpitations just from this opening video because in case you didn’t know, BTS are visual KINGS! Out of nowhere, two enormous silver Siberian Tigers (the official animal of South Korea) appear on the stage and “Dionysis” begins. When RM asked if we were ready to get hyped up, I screamed out


The Individual Members

My advice to anyone going to a BTS concert is don’t go in there thinking that you have favourite member. Abandon all ideas of a bias because the things those 7 men do on stage will have you rethinking your entire existence:

Jungkook: This boy lifted up his shirt twice times during “Fake Love” and as far as I’m concerned, he was the tamest of all the members.

Taehyung: This man is the enemy of my progress. He decided he was going to murder 60,000 people with his baritone. I was prepared for him to do the intro to “Singularity” (which is already the sexiest song on the setlist) with the coat stand. I was not prepared for him to do the intro on a bed! You are a dangerous man Kim Taehyung and you know it! Not to mention we got the return of headband Taehyung during Mic Drop. An ode to the DNA era which was Tae in Super Saiyan form.

Jimin: The duality of this man. He will make you think that he is cute and harmless, but it is a lie! He gave us the body rolls of life during “Fire” but where I lost my mind was during his solo performance of “Serendipity”. He lifted his shirt and I froze. I stopped waving my Army bomb. I just stood there with my mouth wide open until drool started dripping down my chin.

RM: As the leader of BTS I blame him for all of this and yet I would marry him if the opportunity arose. Who gave him permission to go that hard during “Silver Spoon” (Baepsae)? He attacked us. Yes, I appreciated it but who told him it was okay?

J-hope: The King of stage presence. Whoever selected that Dior Harness for him during “Outro: Tear” should be knighted! He looked like a Supreme King. You mere mortals could never with the dance captain.

Suga: I would pay my taxes to him. He is an amazing rapper and he was showing off all his lyrical skills. However, where he made me salivate was during the video montage of himself and Jin. How did I feel attacked by video footage of him simply WALKING?

Jin: There is a reason he is called Worldwide Handsome (or as the Brits now say, Worldwide PengTing). He stared at us at the of Epiphany. He simply looked at us and I was ready to dedicate my womb him.

High Voltage Energy

I could write a dissertation about why BTS are some of the most visually pleasing men I’ve ever seen in my life but that would do a disservice to this concert. BTS work so hard at their craft and they put on an incredible show. The rap line came out spitting bars, the vocal line was on job and even their background dancers did not come to play any games. This was demonstrated in their solo songs, the sub-unit stages and the songs where the 7 of them came together.The commitment they gave during performances such as “So What,” “Idol” and “Fake Love” was so infectious that we are an audience were determined to match their energy. You would have thought I was trying to audition to be a member of BTS with the way I was committed to the choreography of Mic Drop.

Not to mention, the boys are so entertaining, and their comradery is lovely to witness. They were having fun doing English accents, they acted out spells from Harry Potter using a BTS lightstick in place of a wand and watching them play on the bouncy castle during Anpanman was adorable. We engaged in doing multiple Mexican waves with our lightsticks and Jin lead the crowd in doing the classic Freddie Mercury “Ay Oh” chant.

However, the most moving part of the night was when the most moving part of the night was during the encore. Before their performance of “Mikrokosmos”, the crowd made up of 60,000 surprised the band with a singalong to the chorus of “Young Forever”. It is a very emotional song. The group was so shocked that half of the members (Jungkook, Jimin & J-Hope) cried and so did a good number of us in the crowd.


It was an emotional end to a perfect night.

The Adventures of a BTS Fan: The BT21 London Pop Up Shop



The 28th of May was finally here. After months of begging and pleading on Instagram, the BT21 Pop Up Shop in London had arrived and if you thought I was not to going to get my merchandise, you were sadly mistaken. I would have saddled a horse into London if necessary. Now you are probably wondering why I was so hellbent on getting BT21 merchandise. I’ll break it down into three simple points. One, I am an unapologetic BTS stan. Two, the BT21 merch is adorable and it is not being sold at the upcoming concert this weekend. Three, there is no BT21 shop in the UK so its either fly to the LA or Seoul store. Now that you are familiar with the reasons for my quest, I am going to share six things that I learned from today’s adventure.

  1. Be patient and check Twitter

I arrived in Camden Market at 10:45am and I was confronted with a queue that could rival the wait time of a car accident on the M25 in rush hour. It’s okay though because scrolling through Twitter on the way to the venue had prepared me for the wait ahead of me. Originally, I had mentally prepped myself to be in line an hour, but Lucy Ford’s tweets told me that one singular hour was wishful thinking on my part. Come on, this is BTS.

Which leads me onto my next point…

2. Come prepared
Come in flat shoes. Bring a power bank to charge your phone. Go to the toilet before getting in line. Stay dehydrated. Bring an umbrella because this is England. The British weather is as reliable as Lauryn Hill turning up to a concert on time.

  1. Like it or not, you may end up being a BTS ambassador

Now I’m in this line, waiting for 2 hours to get into this one shop and there countless people staring at us. Who can blame them, there were lines of people being ushered by crowd control security. I had to explain to one passerby why we were there, who BTS was and what BT21 was. I also had to explain to BT21 store staff, BTS’s brand of music and how BT21 came into existence. Thankfully rewatching the creation of BT21 an unhealthy amount of times on Youtube had prepared me for this mission.

  1. Fan Chants

There is a time and a place for everything. I wholeheartedly stand by those wise words by King Solomon. I learned something new about myself and that is I actually cannot stand fan chants. Unless we are at a concert or BTS is performing on a specific stage such as the BBMAs or Graham Norton, I don’t want to hear it. You can imagine how irritated my soul when I could hear fans chanting the boys’ names inside the shop itself. For what?

  1. The Black Girl Alliance

The Black Girl Alliance is real and it can take place anywhere. The most common way the alliance can be formed is over hair. This happened to me when I complimented my fellow sister black & green hair. The colours blended beautifully and I had to tell her. We ended up in a conversation about hair and our distress in trying to get tickets for the BTS concert. Despite Ticketmaster being the enemy of progress, we both are going to see BTS this weekend. Also, shout out to the sister who worked in the shop, who let me try on the hoodies to see if they fit me properly. She also didn’t have a clue who BTS was but got converted in one morning, off the strength of working in the BT21 shop.

  1. There is Fellowship in the fandom

Army is an interesting and fun fandom to be a part of. I want to shout out to the girls who had the good sense to bring their Bluetooth speaker. They blasted Cypher Part 4 twice and Go Go, which had us dancing and singing along while we waited. They certainly made my time more enjoyable when I had to turn off my phone to conserve battery.

Also, the girl saw that the camera quality on my phone was inadequate, so she took pictures for me and sent them to my phone. Army fellowship is a unique experience that was not limited to age, race or gender. We were united in our appreciation of seven Korean guys who are going to shake the stands of Wembley stadium come the 1st & 2nd June 2019.





I hope you enjoyed my BT21 story

Rep Your Flag: BTS At the Grammys

61st Annual Grammy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 10 Feb 2019

A lot can be said about the Grammy this weekend. From the surprise appearance of my forever First Lady, Michelle Obama. Alicia Keys reminding us of her incomparable piano playing skills, the wins & snubs, as well as the lackluster of a tribute to Motown by Jennifer Lopez. However, all I care about is the fact that BTS graced the staged of the Grammys by being the first Korean Artists to be nominated and present a Grammy award.

Now I am not here to talk about whether BTS should have won the award that they were nominated for (they should have). Nor am I here to talk about whether they ought to have performed (they really should have). I am here to talk about the fact that the band arrived onto the Grammy Red carpet looking dapper in classic tuxedos. They were looking more delicious than a buffet at an African wedding. Why am I so concerned with their red-carpet look? Other than the fact that they looked like any one of them could have been the next James Bond, I love that they chose to wear Korean designers Kim Seo Ryong and JayBaek Couture.

Presently, BTS are the biggest boy band in the world. For millions of fans, they were the highlight of the night, even though they were on stage for no more than one minute. Having an artist wear your clothes is free promotion and more money for the designer. Which is why I am sure that many designers were ready and willing to dress all seven of these modelesque men. On the day of the Grammys, BTS had taken a picture with Kim Jones which had lead many to believe that the guys were going to be wearing Dior to the big event.

From everything I know about BTS, they are not disillusioned about their influence or the power their fans possess. Anyone else remembers the time that Jungkook let the fans know what fabric softener he uses and the next day it was sold out in the whole of South Korea? What better way for BTS to use their platform than to spotlight designers from their own country? Let’s be honest, how many South Korean designers can you name? I’ll be more generous, how many Asian designers can you name other than Jimmy Choo?

I love it when people from different ethnic groups go out of their way to give exposure to people from their country or race. It is important because the reality of life is that no one will have your back like your own. I personally believe that when one of us manages to break down the door, we should make an effort to allow others to come through. Just so you know, BTS are not the only ones who have been representing their country on the fashion front lines. Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asians) has been wearing Asian designers (such as Jason Wu) most of this award season.

Beyoncé also gave a spotlight on her Instagram to all the African designers that she wore while she was in South Africa for The Global Citizen Festival (such as Ivorian label Yhebe Design, Peulh Vagabond & Senegalese Sarah Diouf’s line Tongoro Studio)


Most of us know how hard it is to get a seat at the table regardless of our field of expertise. Hell, most of us will probably never be able to get a seat unless we already know someone who already has a spot at the table. Why do you think networking events were created? The point that I am making is, we should never be satisfied being the sole representative for your race, gender, religion etc. The top can be lonely and it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t get none.


Murder, Baby Bumps & BTS at the Grammy Awards

I’m trying something new here guys. You will let me know if you like it.

Let’s discuss what happened in the world of pop culture this week.

British Media Hates Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex


All hell broke through the streets of England when there were mere rumors that Prince Harry was dating Meghan Markle. Why? Because Meghan is a divorced, older, biracial woman. It didn’t matter that Meghan Markle is so light skinned that most people would not be able to tell that there is an ounce of black blood flowing through her veins. However, the media storm that ascended upon the now Duchess of Sussex was so ferocious that Kensington Palace had to send out an official statement. They basically told the British media in not many words, “we see your racism, Prince Harry is disgusted, shut the hell up.” Which is what happened, but as soon as that wedding was over… they came back with the fire of a thousand suns.

Has Meghan been able to do anything right in the eyes of the media since? Apparently, Kate and Meghan have a feud. Now she’s been berated for holding her own baby bump, as if the woman isn’t 7 months pregnant. She is also being blamed for Prince Harry balding. As if everyone male in Prince Charles’s bloodline hasn’t suffered from hair recession once they hit the tender age of 30. In fact, Black British Twitter was begging Meghan to introduce Harry to coconut & caster oil to combat his unfortunate genetic disposition.

This is the complete opposite of how Kate Middleton was treated all of the times she was pregnant.Three guesses as to why. I just want you to know that we see your micro aggressions towards Meghan in these headlines. They are racist and unfair. Let that woman grow her baby in peace.

Is Liam Neeson a Racist?

2018 NYFF -

I don’t even know where to begin with this story. Liam Neeson decided to inform Al Gore’s internet that after someone close to him was allegedly raped by a black man. These were his words

“But my immediate reaction was… I asked, did she know who it was? No. What colour were they? She said it was a black person.

“I went up and down areas with a cosh, hoping I’d be approached by somebody – I’m ashamed to say that – and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some [uses air quotes with fingers] ‘black bastard’ would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could kill him.”

Let me get this straight. He didn’t go looking for the criminal who did this to his loved one. He wanted to harm ANY black man that so much as gave him a bit of lip in an act of revenge. Do you have any idea how dangerous this kind of thinking is? This is how we get deaths of unharmed black men and boys like Trayvon Martin. If all Black people exact revenge on white people who have wronged us, white people would be extinct. Furthermore, I don’t understand the logic of telling us this? Where is his PR team? This story was far from necessary.

Remember, Liam Neeson did not tell this story at Hollywood Race Panel sitting between Ava Duvernay & Oprah talking about dangers of racism and how he once had these thoughts. He told this story in mere promotion of a film. Ask yourself, if his friend had been raped by a white person, what was the likelihood of him wanting to assault any random white that he had met on the street? Unlikely. It is one thing to acknowledge that these thoughts were horrible but real growth is acknowledging that they were racially based. Making them racist.

I’m annoyed because I still haven’t watched Widows and I now I have watch him in the same film with Aunty Viola Davis. Thanks a lot Liam, how am I meant to watch Love Actually and Taken now?

BTS Will Be Presenting At the Grammys


It was confirmed this morning that BTS will be presenting at the Grammys this coming Sunday. As some of you may know, they are the first Korean Artists to be nominated for a Grammy in the Academy’s history. Now I am not impressed by the category they have been nominated in (Best Recording Package). I think they should have been nominated for Best New Artist or Best Album. This is a group that had 2 number 1 albums on Billboards last year alone. However, it is no secret that the Grammys have a prejudice towards people of colour and boy groups.

Anyway, I acknowledge that they are breaking down barriers for other Korean Artists who are trying to achieve success in the Western Music Market. I understand that the magnitude of this nomination, and even being asked to present an award is a huge honour for the BTS. Plus Suga (one of the rappers in BTS) had expressed in 2018 his desire to go to the Grammys. It seemed like a dream to both the group and the fandom (ARMY), now look at where we are. The power of speaking things into existence.

Let me know if you think the British Media has it out for Meghan Markle?

Should Liam Neeson have kept that story to himself?

Will you be staying up to watch BTS at the Grammys?

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BTS: Mono & Waste It On Me


BTS have decided that they will not take their foot off the music industry’s neck. In the past two and half months, their album Love Yourself: Answer has been number one on the Billboard charts. They have been a stadium world tour (that I was unable to get tickets for but I’m not bitter) and spoken at the UN. Yet in the space of one week, RM (their leader) released his new mixtape (named Mono) and then Steve Aoki revealed that the title track for his new album featured BTS. There has not even been seven days between RM (Kim Namjoon) announcing this project and Steve Aoki dropping this new single. BTS I’m one human being. I am tired yet so grateful so let’s get into these two bodies of work.



I adore this mixtape. I had to listen to it three times before I felt competent enough to even talk about this body of work. This project needs to be digested. The seven-track mixtape has a very alternative and Indie vibe to it. There is also a theme of loneliness, insecurities and depression that I believe a lot of people in this generation can relate to.

This mixtape is a far cry from the R&B and Hip-Hop sound that one usually associates with BTS and that is what I like most. It shows RM’s versatility. This project will have you lying on the floor in your feelings. Sonically the mixtape is good, but I believe that the lyrics are the best part. RM expresses the words that sometimes we as the audience struggle to say and has captured them so beautifully.

I also want to express my utter joy that Honne produced Seoul (which is my favourite song on the mixtape) because they are fantastic. It is always a musical pleasure when your favs get together.

I would say that if you appreciate music that usually features on A Colours Show, you will definitely like this mixtape. It is emotional and beautiful.

Waste It On Me

I have a quick public service announce to deliver as I address Waste It On Me, the new single by Steve Aoki & BTS. All of you who like to say, “why do you like their music, they’re not even singing in English.” You have the mind of a COLONISER. Take a minute and let that sink in.

A lack of English lyrics did not stop Despacito from being EVERYWHERE! We could not escape that song and believe me, I tried. A lack of English did not stop people from enjoying Gangnam Style and I am yet to witness anyone sitting down during the Macarena just because it so happens to be in Spanish. Music transcends language. It is just a fact. If the beat is right, we will dance all night.

Not everything has to be in English. It is not the only language on earth. There are many countries where English is not the main language spoken. For many of us (I speak for the African Diaspora), English is a language that was forced upon our ancestors. So, let us not mimic the language of oppressors when we say that music can only be appreciated if it is in English. If you have danced to Karolina or Alkayida, and you are not from DRC or Ghana, you have no right to demand English from Koreans

However, I acknowledge that People of Colour have to play the game in order to get a seat at the table and make changes. Therefore, I do not mind that BTS & Steve Aoki decided to Trojan Horse the biggest music market (which is the US) by doing a song in English. The beat is good, the lyrics are strong and the vocals of Jungkook & Jimin never disappoint. Waste It On Me is a good song and I am saying that as girl who does not normally appreciate EDM. It is a song that will probably feature on my gym playlist.

I keep saying that BTS are after world domination. You people better start reading the signs.

Please let me know you favourite songs are on Mono. Do you like Waste It On Me? Do you think BTS needed to sing a full song in English?