Murder, Baby Bumps & BTS at the Grammy Awards

I’m trying something new here guys. You will let me know if you like it.

Let’s discuss what happened in the world of pop culture this week.

British Media Hates Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex


All hell broke through the streets of England when there were mere rumors that Prince Harry was dating Meghan Markle. Why? Because Meghan is a divorced, older, biracial woman. It didn’t matter that Meghan Markle is so light skinned that most people would not be able to tell that there is an ounce of black blood flowing through her veins. However, the media storm that ascended upon the now Duchess of Sussex was so ferocious that Kensington Palace had to send out an official statement. They basically told the British media in not many words, “we see your racism, Prince Harry is disgusted, shut the hell up.” Which is what happened, but as soon as that wedding was over… they came back with the fire of a thousand suns.

Has Meghan been able to do anything right in the eyes of the media since? Apparently, Kate and Meghan have a feud. Now she’s been berated for holding her own baby bump, as if the woman isn’t 7 months pregnant. She is also being blamed for Prince Harry balding. As if everyone male in Prince Charles’s bloodline hasn’t suffered from hair recession once they hit the tender age of 30. In fact, Black British Twitter was begging Meghan to introduce Harry to coconut & caster oil to combat his unfortunate genetic disposition.

This is the complete opposite of how Kate Middleton was treated all of the times she was pregnant.Three guesses as to why. I just want you to know that we see your micro aggressions towards Meghan in these headlines. They are racist and unfair. Let that woman grow her baby in peace.

Is Liam Neeson a Racist?

2018 NYFF -

I don’t even know where to begin with this story. Liam Neeson decided to inform Al Gore’s internet that after someone close to him was allegedly raped by a black man. These were his words

“But my immediate reaction was… I asked, did she know who it was? No. What colour were they? She said it was a black person.

“I went up and down areas with a cosh, hoping I’d be approached by somebody – I’m ashamed to say that – and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some [uses air quotes with fingers] ‘black bastard’ would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could kill him.”

Let me get this straight. He didn’t go looking for the criminal who did this to his loved one. He wanted to harm ANY black man that so much as gave him a bit of lip in an act of revenge. Do you have any idea how dangerous this kind of thinking is? This is how we get deaths of unharmed black men and boys like Trayvon Martin. If all Black people exact revenge on white people who have wronged us, white people would be extinct. Furthermore, I don’t understand the logic of telling us this? Where is his PR team? This story was far from necessary.

Remember, Liam Neeson did not tell this story at Hollywood Race Panel sitting between Ava Duvernay & Oprah talking about dangers of racism and how he once had these thoughts. He told this story in mere promotion of a film. Ask yourself, if his friend had been raped by a white person, what was the likelihood of him wanting to assault any random white that he had met on the street? Unlikely. It is one thing to acknowledge that these thoughts were horrible but real growth is acknowledging that they were racially based. Making them racist.

I’m annoyed because I still haven’t watched Widows and I now I have watch him in the same film with Aunty Viola Davis. Thanks a lot Liam, how am I meant to watch Love Actually and Taken now?

BTS Will Be Presenting At the Grammys


It was confirmed this morning that BTS will be presenting at the Grammys this coming Sunday. As some of you may know, they are the first Korean Artists to be nominated for a Grammy in the Academy’s history. Now I am not impressed by the category they have been nominated in (Best Recording Package). I think they should have been nominated for Best New Artist or Best Album. This is a group that had 2 number 1 albums on Billboards last year alone. However, it is no secret that the Grammys have a prejudice towards people of colour and boy groups.

Anyway, I acknowledge that they are breaking down barriers for other Korean Artists who are trying to achieve success in the Western Music Market. I understand that the magnitude of this nomination, and even being asked to present an award is a huge honour for the BTS. Plus Suga (one of the rappers in BTS) had expressed in 2018 his desire to go to the Grammys. It seemed like a dream to both the group and the fandom (ARMY), now look at where we are. The power of speaking things into existence.

Let me know if you think the British Media has it out for Meghan Markle?

Should Liam Neeson have kept that story to himself?

Will you be staying up to watch BTS at the Grammys?

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14 thoughts on “Murder, Baby Bumps & BTS at the Grammy Awards”

  1. BTS IS MY LIF I DO EVERYTHING FOR THEM AND YES IT’S RITH BTS DESERVE FOR BEST ALBUM …WE ARE SAD ..BUT YOU KNOW THIS WORLD IS UGLY. ALL THE ARMY KNOW ALL THE WORLD KNOW .. THEY DO IT JUST AND JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE KOREAN. IF THEY were AMERICAN …THE STORY WAS CHANGED. NOW ARMY ARE SO HAPPY AND SAD. BUT MOST HAPPY BECAUSE BTS IS OUR LIFE AND BTS LIFE IS ARMY. AWARDS IS NOTHING. IN OUR HART BTS DESERVE the WHOLE WORLD ..AND The BTS is much more valuable than all the awards in the world. Please never forget me. This answer is the heart of the whole army. And if you’re an army, support the BTS and the army. We are a BIG family and everyone who is an army is our family. AND THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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  2. 1. Those bigoted, decrepit bastards and their bloodlines will die out long before Meghan’s. They can choke on a hairpiece.

    2. Liam can get taken by Albanians himself at this point tbh

    3. No but Bangtan fighting! ✊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. Meghan is an improvement to that entire bloodline. I agree that they can choke.

      2. Have you heard that they cancelled the red carpet event for his movie. It’s a PR diaster. He’s saying that he’s trying to start a get the conversation about racism. Sir, no one asked you!

      3. I was watching their performance at the MAMAs this morning. The one where Jin did the fan dance. All I was thinking is that these boys would DOMINATE the Grammys stage. Western Artists besides Beyoncé as simply not able.
      I pray that they come to slay at the Grammys. The Grammys deserve to be shooketh. Bangtan fighting ✊


  3. The British media should be ashamed with themselves. Bi-racial or not, it’s 2019. No media should be focusing on something like this (and trying to put a negative spin to it). Leave the poor woman be,. I say!

    I only caught the whole Liam thing and I’m a little sad if this is true. I’ve always admired him as an actor. I truly hope he has a reasonable explanation for saying what he said but how can he recover from such a statement?

    I am happy for BTS as they want to be at the Grammy’s even though the nomination was a let down in my eyes. I do question why they have not added them to the line-up of performers. Having said that, our city news did point out The Grammy’s do have surprise performances so it’s confusing whether or not BTS will perform. Some media sources say they will not and others say there’s still a chance. Personally I think it’s a shame for them to fly all the way to The Grammy’s and not perform but at the end of the day, it’s up to them how they feel about. We might never know. They are so gracious to be included in any way (and yes, presenting an award is an honor ), I’m sure they are fine to not perform (if that ends up being the case) but I also thin k they would be ecstatic to perform as that is what they love to do!

    I may watch The Grammy’s – If I’m home we keep it on in the background while doing other things. I’ll most likely record it just in case.


    1. This British media has really been showing who they are. These aren’t even half the headlines. There are people out there who really believe that she’s tainted the Royal Bloodline

      The Liam Neeson thing is absolutely true. He wasn’t misquoted. This came from his own mouth. It’s so bad, that they’ve cancelled the red Carpet for his film this week. His thoughts are dangerous and it freaks me out the number of people who have said they have similar thoughts.

      3. I’m trying to focus on the fact that BTS must so excited to even be invited to the Grammys, especially Yoongi.

      On the one hand, they should have been asked to perform because they would obliterate the Grammy stage. Have you seen the MAMA performances of 2018? Those stages will forever have me looking at Western Awards ceremonies as sub par. On the other hand, I would have a low key offended if the Grammys had asked the boys to perform because I would assume they would just be trying to get ARMY ratings for their lack Lucker award show.

      As you can tell, their nomination as really tainted the way I view the Grammy in terms of the way they have handled BTS. I was so sure that after their interview at the Grammy Museum, they would get nominated for a real award. Because they interview was brilliant.

      Whatever they do on Sunday night, I’m sure they’ll slay. I don’t live in the USA so I’m not staying until the A.M. to watch the Grammys when YouTube exists lol 😂

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      1. Also, I thought to myself late on ,even if BTS does perform at the Grammy’s the camera work will be focused on the audience half the time anyway. And it will be the AMAs and worse, BBMAs all over again. I agree, MAMA 2018 and MMA 2018 was AMAZING! Those Asian music award shows KNOW how to do it right. MAMA’s camera work is usually consistently good as well.


      2. Please don’t remind me. I thought the camera work at the AMAs was atrocious but it was outdone by the BBMAs.
        The camera crew of these American music awards need to internships at the Melon Music Awards, MAMAs and Gayo Daejeon Music Festival, because their stages are outstanding.
        I was rewatching the BTS performances at the Melon Music Award and Gayo Daejeon Music Festival this morning. All I kept thinking was, “these performances are truly outstanding.”

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  4. Well, you didn’t miss much. Once again, I had it on as background noise. Of the two stations we flipped back and forth with, they didn’t interview BTS on the red carpet though we did see BTS in the background. As you said, we can catch highlights of BTS on YouTube through Billboards, Access and ET. I haven’t had a chance to watch any yet. As you’ll see on the internet if you haven’t already, the guys looked stunning! But I felt The Grammy’s invited them just to make a point and/or to help with their decreasing ratings year after year. It was almost like, “Fine. We’ll invite your ‘pretty boy band’ but we won’t give them much time.” Maybe I’m just being sour? I know it’s not just about them but I can’t help but come to that conclusion.

    There were moments of the evening I enjoyed though but that’s about it. I love Alicia Keys so having her host and perform was the highlight for me. And while I’m not into Drake’s music most times, his speech was good even though Grammy’s cut him off because he was basically saying you don’t need a Grammy’s award to be great. LOL!!!

    I didn’t watch the whole thing though – I fell asleep in the lats hour or so.


    1. No you’re not being sour. I definitely think that they asked BTS to come in order to save their already dying ratings. I was trying my best not to fume that the fact they didn’t have BTS (that already lack luster) Grammy. At this point I stay ready for the Grammy to continually offend people of colour. I just allowed myself to remember that the boy probably had the time of their lives and that this was a dream come true for them. If the Grammys’ have single piece of sense, they will ask BTS to perform next year. We ALL know those boys know how to rock a stage.

      I live for the fact that Alicia Keys reminded us of how amazing she is on the piano. She also brought out Michelle Obama so I am grateful. I liked Drake’s speech (they they blatantly cut off) and Janelle Monae’s performance. She should have won Album of the Year for Dirty Computer but I like I said, I am prepared for the Grammy’s to continually rob people.

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